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Ecologo-phytocenotic classification of the island vegetation of the Torey lakes

Vegetation type Name of formation Name of association
Steppes Onion Sage-onion (Allium polyrhizum − Artemisia gmelinii − Artemisia frigida)
  Sage-onion (Allium polyrhizum − Artemisia anethifolia)
Sage Onion-sage (Artemisia commutata − Allium polyrhizum)
  Onion-sage (Artemisia frigida − Artemisia gmelinii − Allium polyrhizum)
  Caragana-sage (Artemisia scoparia − Artemisia gmelinii − Caragana stenophylla)
Wild rye Sage-onion-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Allium polyrhizum − Artemisia scoparia)
  Stipa-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Stipa krylovii)
  Sage-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Artemisia frigida)
  Caragana-stipa-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Stipa krylovii − Caragana stenophylla)
  Sage-stipa-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Stipa krylovii − Artemisia gmelinii)
  Sage-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Artemisia gmelinii − Artemisia scoparia)
  Onion-sage-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Artemisia gmelinii − Artemisia frigida − Allium polyrhizum)
Stipa Onion-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Allium tenuissimum − Allium polyrhizum)
  Sage-caragana-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Caragana stenophylla − Artemisia scoparia)
  Wild rye-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Leymus chinensis)
  Sage-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Artemisia scoparia)
  Herbs-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Heteropapus altaicus − Allium polyrhizum)
Stipa − shrub Caragana-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Caragana stenophylla)
  Sage-caragana-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Caragana stenophylla − Artemisia scoparia)
  Caragana-onion-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Allium polyrhizum − Caragana stenophylla)
  Nitraria-caragana-sage-stipa steppe (Stipa krylovii − Artemisia scoparia + Caragana stenophylla − Nitraria sibirica)
  Caragana-sage-stipa (Stipa krylovii − Artemisia scoparia + Caragana stenophylla)
Caragana-nitraria-herbs-wild rye (Leymus chinensis − Thermopsis lanceolata − Saussurea amara + Nitraria sibirica − Caragana stenophylla)
Saltmarsh-grass Argusia-nitraria-saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia macranthera − Nitraria sibirica − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
  Argusia-saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia macranthera − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
  Knorringia-saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia macranthera − Knorringia sibirica)
  Saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia tenuiflora − Puccinellia macranthera)
  Nitraria-saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia macranthera − Nitraria sibirica)
Complex pioneer and Seepweed Orach-seepweed (Suaeda corniculata − Atriplex fera)
  Seepweed (Suaeda prostrata − Suaeda corniculata)
halophytic vegetation Argusia-knorringia-seepweed (Suaeda corniculata − Knorringia sibirica − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
  Knorringia-argusia-seepweed (Suaeda prostrata − Argusia rosmarinifolia − Knorringia sibirica)
  Saltmarsh-grass-seepweed (Suaeda prostrata − Puccinella macranthera)
  Pigweed-seepweed (Suaeda corniculata − Atriplex fera)
  Knorringia-seepweed (Suaeda corniculata − Knorringia sibirica)
  Argusia-saltmarsh-grass-seepweed (Suaeda corniculata − Puccinellia macranthera − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
  Argusia-seepweed (Suaeda prostrata − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
Kochia Seepweed-kochia (Kochia densiflora − Suaeda corniculata)
  Sage-seepweed-kochia (Kochia densiflora − Suaeda corniculata − Artemisia comutata)
Argusia Bindweed-argusia (Argusia rosmarinifolia − Convolvulus ammanii)
  Saltmarsh-grass-argusia (Argusia rosmarinifolia − Puccinellia macranthera − Puccinellia tenuiflora)
  Knorringia-saltmarsh-grass-argusia (Argusia rosmarinifolia − Puccinellia macranthera − Knorringia sibirica)
  Pigweed-argusia (Argusia rosmarinifolia − Atriplex fera)
Orach Seepweed-orach (Atriplex fera − Suaeda corniculata)
  Argusia-orach (Atriplex fera − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
  Orach (Atriplex fera)
Oxytrope Seepweed-oxytrope ( Oxytropis prostrata − Suaeda corniculata)
  Argusia-melilot-oxytrope ( Oxytropis prostrata − Melilotus suaveolens − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
Melilot Argusia-melilot (Melilotus suaveolens − Argusia rosmarinifolia)
  Knorringia-argusia-melilot (Melilotus suaveolens − Argusia rosmarinifolia − Knorringia sibirica)
Sagebrush Nitraria-sagebrush (Artemisia anethifolia − Nitraria sibirica)
Hydrophytic vegetation Reed Reed (Phragmites australis)

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