Open Access
BIO Web Conf.
Volume 33, 2021
The 1st International Conference of Advanced Veterinary Science and Technologies for Sustainable Development (ICAVESS 2021)
Article Number 04008
Number of page(s) 9
Section Livestock and Food Biosafety
Published online 23 August 2021
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  • J. Sanchez, A. Thanabalan, T. Khanal, R. Patterson, B.A. Slominski, E. Kiarie. Growth performance, gastrointestinal weight, microbial metabolites and apparent retention of components in broiler chickens fed up to 11% rice bran in a corn-soybean meal diet without or with a multi-enzyme supplement. Anim Nutr. 5, 41-48 (2019). [CrossRef] [PubMed] [Google Scholar]
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