Open Access
BIO Web Conf.
Volume 52, 2022
International Scientific-Practical Conference “Agriculture and Food Security: Technology, Innovation, Markets, Human Resources” (FIES 2022)
Article Number 00047
Number of page(s) 9
Published online 21 September 2022
  • A. A. Tikhonov, A. V. Kazakov, M. V. Prosviryakova, G. V. Novikova, Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2726565. Microwave installation with a quasi-stationary toroidal resonator for rendering decontaminated fat from crushed fat-containing raw materials in a continuous mode Bull. No. 20, No. 2019122928 (2020) [Google Scholar]
  • G. V. Novikova, M. V. Belova, O. V. Mikhailova, D. V. Tarakanov, I. A. Sorokin, A. A. Tikhonov, A. V. Kazakov, Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2734593. Microwave unit for defrosting and heating cow colostrum with coaxially located resonators Bull. No. 29, No. 2020104252 (2020) [Google Scholar]
  • A. A. Tikhonov, A. V. Kazakov, G. V. Novikova, B. I. Gorbunov, Patent No. 2710154 RF. Microwave installation with a conical resonator for dehydration and heat treatment of meat waste Bull. No. 36, No. 2019118371 (2019) [Google Scholar]
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  • V. N. Udalov, B. V. Vasiliev, G. V. Lysov, Yu. M. Egorov, Patent No. 1830197A3 RF, IPC N05V6/64. Microwave defroster Bull. No. 27, No. 4881731/09 (1993) [Google Scholar]
  • D. V. Poruchikov, A. N. Vasiliev, I. G. Ershova, G. V. Novikova, M. V. Belova, Patent No. 2694944 RF, IPC A47J39/00. Microwave unit for defrosting bovine colostrum Bull. No. 20, No. 2018143727 (2019) [Google Scholar]
  • G. V. Novikova, M. V. Prosviryakova, O. V. Mikhailova, I. G. Ershova, D. A. Tarakanov, A. A. Tikhonov, Patent No. 2752938 RF, IPC A47J.39/00. Two-module continuous-flow microwave unit for defrosting and heating cow colostrum Bull. No. 23, No. 2020141711 (2021) [Google Scholar]
  • G. V. Novikova, M. V. Prosviryakova, O. V. Mikhailova, I. G. Ershova, B. G. Zigan-Shin, D. A. Tarakanov, Patent No. 2752941 of the Russian Federation, MPK A47J.39/00. Radiotight multicavity unit for defrosting animal colostrum Bull. No. 23, No. 2020141715 (2021) [Google Scholar]
  • G. V. Novikova, V. F. Storchevoi M. V. Prosviryakova, O. V. Mikhailova, I. G. Ershova, D. A. Tarakanov, Patent No. 753424RF, IPC A47J.39/00. Continuous-flow microwave unit with quasi-stationary toroidal resonators for defrosting and heating animal colostrum Bull. No. 9, No. 2021104198 (2021) [Google Scholar]
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