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Volume 108 (2024)

International Scientific and Practical Conference “From Modernization to Rapid Development: Ensuring Competitiveness and Scientific Leadership of the Agro-Industrial Complex” (IDSISA 2024)

Ekaterinburg city, Russian Federation, March 14-15, 2024
O. Loretts, I. Donnik, Z. Abbas Rao, A. Ruchkin and V. Kukhar (Eds.)

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Statement of Peer review

Scientific Support for Innovative Development of Livestock Farming and Biotechnology

Modern Scientific Achievements - Into the Practice of Production and Processing of Crop Products

Current Problems of Veterinary Medicine

Cell Biology and Biochemistry of a Cell of a Living Organism

Open Ground Vegetables

Intelligent Technologies in Crop Production

Organic Farming

Adaptive Resource-Saving Technologies for Cultivating Agricultural Crops

Plant Selection and Seed Production

Biotechnology in Crop Production

Genetic Technologies in Breeding

Conservation of Plant Biodiversity

Greening in Crop Production

Rational Environmental Management

Green Building and Landscaping

Horticulture and Nursery

Silviculture and Afforestation

Modern Technologies for the Production of Vegetables, Flowers, Edible Mushrooms and Microgreens in Protected Soil

Mechanization and Automation of Processes in Crop Production

Renewable Energy

Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Crop Production

Digital and Engineering Technologies as a Factor in Intensive Development of Agriculture

Current Problems of Veterinary Medicine and Microbiology

Agroecological Aspects of Horticulture Development

Modern Directions of Highly Productive Environmentally Friendly Agriculture, Development and Implementation of Systems for the Rational Use of Modern Means of Chemical and Biological Protection of Agricultural Plants