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Volume 79 (2023)

2nd International Conference on Maritime Education (ICOME 2023)

Tanjungpinang, Indonesia, November 8-9, 2023
J. Surif, G.M. Jacobs, M.V. Reddy, T. Yamamoto and H. Pardi (Eds.)

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About the conference

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Statement of Peer review

Promoting Awareness of Maritime Environmental Issues Among Students

Teaching Sustainable Maritime Practices and Techniques

Awareness of the Role of the Maritime Sector in Climate Change Mitigation

Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Environmental Protection in Maritime Activities

Developing Skills for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment in Maritime Contexts

Teaching Intercultural Understanding and Inclusivity in Maritime Environmental Education

Exploring New Technologies and Digital Tools for Engaging Students in Environmental Education

Integrating Environmental Education into Maritime Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities

The Role of Indonesian Language Education in Promoting Maritime Environmental Awareness

Teacher Training and Professional Development in Environmental Mathematics Education for Maritime Educators

Assessing the Impact of English Language Education on Maritime Students

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Breaking the Waves of Language: Unraveling Students’ Challenges with English Clauses in Coastal Environmental Discourse through a Grammar Teaching Technique 11003


Developing Green Chemistry Education for Sustainable Maritime Practices

Integrating Environmental Biology into Maritime Education: Strategies and Challenges